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Depending on the type of spares that you need and the plant that you are having, we endeavour to be the One-Stop Shop for your common expendable parts.


Arm Protection (Left)
BHS3.0 (P/N 100260600)
Arm Protection (Right)
BHS3.0 (P/N 100313100)
Central Arm
BHS3.0 (P/N 101100500)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002690)
Central Blade
BHS3.0 (P/N 101102100)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002721)
Counter Part (Left & Right)
BHS3.0 (P/N 100313000)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100450000)
Counter Part Central
BHS3.0 (P/N 100312600)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100449900)
Discharge Door Cover
BHS3.0 (P/N 101117300)
Discharge Door Ledge
BHS3.0 (P/N 101117400)
Dust Cover
BHS3.0 (P/N 100260400)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100255100)
Front Wall Hard Cast Liner
BHS3.0 (P/N 100224800)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100242700)
Front Wall Hard Cast Liner
BHS3.0 (P/N 100224900)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100243000)
Front Wall Hard Cast Liner
BHS3.0 (P/N 100225000)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100243100)
Front Wall Hard Cast Liner
BHS3.0 (P/N 100225100)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200003608)
Lateral Arm (Left)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101102200)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002873)
Lateral Arm (Right)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101104800)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002947)
Lateral Blade (Left)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101102500)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002889)
Lateral Blade (Right)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101104900)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002949)
Lateral Blade (Left)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101104600)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002911)
Lateral Blade (Right)
BHS3.0 (P/N 101105200)
BHS4.5 (P/N 200002950)
Trough Sheet Upper Part
BHS3.0 (P/N 100595000)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100788600)
Trought Tile (External)
BHS3.0 (P/N 100455700)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100455900)
Trought Tile (Internal)
BHS3.0 (P/N 100455600)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100455800)
Wearing Ring
BHS3.0 (P/N 100260300)
BHS4.5 (P/N 100255200)
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