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Hong He Supply Pte Ltd

Hong He Supply is a company that was formed based on the experience of the Directors who have for years toiled in the Concrete and Asphalt Industry; from plant operations to management, you name it. Armed with this valuable experience and passion for the industry, we seek to offer competitive products and solutions for this unique market. They are:-

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Who We Are

Our company’s key executives have been working in the batching plant / civil engineering industry for more than ten years. Armed with vast experience and willingness to listen, we target to provide the best products and services to solve your business problem. Grounded and professional, we understand your demand and strive to be the perfect partner for your building need.

How We Do

To provide effective and quality solutions, services, and products through continuous technological improvement and vast experience.

What We Think

To be the preferred supplier and solution provider to partners and customers in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

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Latest Post

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Pour Sourire D’Enfant

Introduction As part of the company’s effort to help the poor and needy, Hong He Supply Pte Ltd offered a project to help the poor children and parents in...

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The Basics Of Concrete

Concrete has been used widely internationally. It is durable and flexible in its usage. As a construction material, it is robust and able to give sound reduction and fire-resistant...

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NS Mark (Gold)

Hong He Supply Pte Ltd is proud to be accredited by Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence (ACCORD) with NS MARK and NS Mark (Gold). NS Mark (Gold)...

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